Board members serve for a period of 3 years and are elected by the HOA members.  Their duties may involve:

  1. Getting and evaluating bids for work (the largest being the care of the common areas).
  2. Reviewing architectural requests (from home-owners for such things as building a fence or adding on to their home).
  3. Reviewing annual budgets (generally proposed by FCS).
  4. Interfacing with the city and developer for questions and concerns.
  5. Determine if the HOA dues need to be increased to cover future improvements.
  6. Report violations to FCS and approve notices prepared by FCS.
  7. Meet monthly to discuss any concerns (generally in person, but via email or phone if schedules don’t permit).
  8. Plan and carry-out the annual meeting with help from FCS.
  9. And more…

Being on the HOA board is a thankless job.  Having been on the board several times before, I want to thank those who serve currently for their time and effort in looking out for the best interests of our neighborhood.  The board members have even decided to begin paying monthly HOA dues again to help improve our financial position (previously these were waived as a small recompense for their time and effort serving on the board).

You may contact the board by emailing

The current board members are (last updated 1/26/23):

Jim Orr, Aaron Burgemeister, Val Throckmorton, Orlando Warner, & Rich Rose

The Board President is Jim Orr.

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  • April 11, 2019 at 7:16 pm

    What is the contact information for the HOA? and how do I find out about Satellite dish requirements. the CC&Rs seem vague.


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