Home Owners Association (HOA) members may have seen a postcard with this information on it this week:

Scheduled for: 2016-08-17 at 17:00 MDT
Held at: 330 W. 100 S., Provo, UT

Nathan Sweat requests a Conditional Use Permit for Engineering Services in the Neighbor Shopping Center Zone (SC-1) located at 2325 S. State St., Provost South Neighborhood. 16-0010CUP, Dustin Wright, 801-852-6414

This appears to be the buildings halfway between Mountain View Parkway and Arizona Ave on the HOA’s side of State Street. A map of the address requesting a change is available via Google Maps.

If you are interested in how zoning may change in the area, or what allowances may be made outside of normal zoning, and how that will impact the neighborhood (noises, smells, people, etc.) then attending these types of meetings can be very informative, especially for those closer to the site of the request (Mountain View Parkway, Arizona Ave., Dakota Ave., State Street) regardless of membership in the HOA.

Zoning Conditional Use Permit Request 2016-08-17
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