May 28th – The annual garage sale will be on May 28th from 8-noon. ┬áPlace stuff in your own front yard, combine with a neighbor, or feel free to use the common areas. ┬áVisitors may not drive all our streets, so feel free to put up your own sign with your address and directions.

June 1st┬á– Neighborhood Party at 6pm at the gazebo area. ┬áBurgers┬áwill be provided, please bring side dish like salad or dessert.

June 18th – The annual HOA meeting will be held on June 18th at 9am at the gazebo. ┬áOne of the topics for discussion is a proposed increase in dues to $36/month. ┬áCome find out why the dues are being increased. ┬áGet a copy of the budget and other financials.

**** JOIN THE BOARD *** – the board will have at least one vacancy and may decide to expand the board to the maximum number of 7 board members (opening up three more positions). ┬áPlease contact a board member or come to the meeting to express your interest in joining the board. ┬áThere is currently no financial incentive for being on the board, but you can help set the mood and direction of our neighborhood. ┬áSee the CC&R’s section 10.11 & 10.12 for more information.


2016 Yard Sale, Annual Meeting, & Neighborhood Party
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