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  1. Not sure who owns the two dogs that run Alaska Ave every night, one is a lab and the other unknown. There is a leash law and I’m quite tired of chasing them out of my yard/garage. The police have been contacted, but tonight they went after my grandson and chased him into the garage growling and barking. It would be appreciated if you’d keep them on your property before someone or they get injured.

  2. In regards to the recent email and mailer sent out discussing the validity of part of the HOA’s membership, could the board please send HOA members, or point us to, the additional documents discovered as referred to in the email? Specifically:

    – Additional versions of the CC&Rs
    – Original neighborhood and HOA documents filed with Provo City

    Additionally, if not otherwise included in the documents above, can you also send us, or point us to, documents that detail:

    – Properties originally described as our neighborhood in 1994
    – Properties originally understood and intended by the developers, several title companies, and county records

    As this will be a topic open for discussion at the annual HOA meeting scheduled July 28, it would be beneficial for HOA members to be aware of the specifics that will be discussed.

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