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  1. The builders have left the empty lots messy with construction trash for weeks. The fountain is also intermittently on & the Flag has been missing from the flag pole for well over a year.

    • Thanks for your comments. When I was on the board years ago, they only turned the fountain on for a few hours a day (maybe 4-6pm). I’m not sure if that is what you are seeing or if it is turned off for other reasons. Flags that fly 24 hours a day are supposed to have a light shining on them at night, but the lights on the ground often get broken and they are expensive to replace. I’ll make sure the board is aware of your concerns.

  2. Jessica,

    1. Regarding the builders, if they have finished building then they are bound by the HOA’s CC&Rs, so they get to start paying dues and keeping lots looking nice until they sell to new residents. There are some points in the CC&Rs about lenience during the first year to complete some tasks, but I think they are restricted to the back yard. We discussed this at our monthly meeting last night, and two of us have already walked around there to review things ourselves. As a result, we are looking into which houses are done (whether sold to a resident or not) and how the CC&Rs apply. The wood (2x4s, and similar) across the road from your place should be cleaned, and the large garbage can for construction needs to go, but I presume those will happen shortly. If not, they’ll be notified accordingly.

    2. As the admin mentioned, the flag situation is one item which we, coincidentally, discussed at our meeting last month, as well as yesterday. We need the light fixed (should be done sometime this month) and then a flag. Even then flag rules, I believe, also state no flying during certain weather (rain), so that needs to be managed. We could put up a flag now, as long as somebody is willing to take it down every evening, and put it up every morning. If anybody wants that duty, please let us know.

    3. The fountain is supposed to be on, as I recall, from 16:00 (4 p.m.) to 22:00 (10 p.m.), or something like that. We have been making changes this past month to other parts of it to try to control leaking that has happened. We hope to adjust the water-regulating float a bit more this month to see if the last bits of leakage can be fixed; due to the positioning and size of the motor, and the orientation of the bowl in which it resides, getting the water level just right so that it is high enough to keep the motor from burning out, but low enough that it does not overflow, is the goal.

    Thanks for your comments. Please keep them coming.

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