Homes for Sale

There are several homes for sale in our neighborhood ranging from the low $200’s to over $300,000.  As a licensed real estate agent and a professional in this area, I would love to show you any homes you are interested in and tell you all about the community.  Living on the bench in SE Provo has a lot of advantages but also offers some challenges – I’ve lived in the area for over a decade and I will give you the facts and let you make an informed decision.

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Common Areas Maintenance

If you’ve been to the common areas lately, you’ll find that there are some maintenance issues that need to be addressed:

  1. Add more wood chips to the playground area (to replenish to original levels) – completed July 2015
  2. Stain the gazebo and repair/replace damaged spindles – started July 2015 – all broken or missing spindles have been replaced.
  3. Paint over graffiti in the basketball court and replace damaged basketball hoops – approved Eagle project to begin soon.
  4. Wall around the community is falling apart

    • Repair or replace the wall?  Because the wall was build poorly to begin with (cinder blocks covered with foam and stucco), repairing the existing wall seems like a band-aid on a larger problem.  The board feels like replacing the wall is the best solution.
    • How much will it cost? The board has received bids from Best Vinyl and Stonehenge Fencing for many types of fence including vinyl and concrete.  The bids run from $80,000 to over $180,000 which includes removing the existing wall (which is a very expensive job in and of itself).
    • How do we pay for it?  The HOA does not have sufficient funds to cover this, nor do they want to have a special assessment where every homeowner would need to pay a one time fee.  Waiting until we have the reserves will also likely mean the costs will go up significantly.  In the meanwhile the fence may actually collapse and could potentially cause personal injury.  The current best option is to get a 5-15 year loan to cover the cost.
  5. Water fountain leaks water – the board has had the fountain repaired multiple times and are planning to have it serviced again soon.